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Date with Destiny


Dean had gone to Castiel several times a week for the past ten years, trying to get his memory erased. Castiel denied him each and every time. All Dean wanted to do was erased the the heartache he was feeling. Saenm and Dean's relationship went to the shitter. Dean always getting upset with everything, his fuse shorter than it had ever been.

Sam and Jeni moved out of the house and got a house just down the road. They hardly spoke and Dean wasn't there when Jeni gave birth to their son, Thomas Dean Winchester. He looked so much like Sam. Dark hair, hazel eyes and cute as a button.

Sam had taken a break from hunting to raise Thomas with Jeni. They were a happy family. He ended up getting a job as a IT Tech. He loved his job and bringing home that paycheck, he felt he did something right for a change.

Dean continued to hunt vampires, werewolves, demons. He had a few near death experiences, but he was okay after

being in the hospital for a few days.

As Thomas grew up, he had many friends, he played in the yard and when it was dinner time, he walked in with no argument. Dean would sometimes watch his nephew from the window in his house. He so wanted to be a part of his family once again, but he was scared. He was scared they would run out just like the love of his life did.

He went back to drinking his scotch and laid on the couch and he took another swig of the Scotch and burped extremely loud. He heard the voice, "I can smell that all the way in here."

"Eat my ass Cas."

Cas walked into the living room where Dean was laying down, "I have a message for you."

"From who?"


Dean laughed, "Yeah okay."

"You have to get your family back together or you will die alone."

He put the liquor bottle up in the air, "Yeah to death."

Castiel walked over and slapped him across the face, "Get your ass up, march down the road and introduce yourself to your nephew. He holds great power."

Dean glared at him, "I would rather spit in your face."

Castiel moved his hand and Dean levatated in the air and then dropped his hand and Dean fell onto the floor, "What the hell Cas." Cas put his hand up again and Dean put his hand up, "Okay Okay. I get the picture."

Dean got up, putting the bottle on the table and walked out of the house. He walked down the sidewalk to the house with the light blue door. He waited for the answer and the door opened and Thomas looked out, "Hi can I help you?"

Dean heard Jeni inside, "Baby who is it?" She walked to the door, towel in her hand, "Dean. Hi." She unlocked the door, "Come in please."

Dean walked in and Thomas sat on the couch. Jeni walked into the living room. Dean followed them, "Nice house."

He looked around the living room and Jeni sat on the edge of the couch, put her hand in Thomas's hair, "What brings you by Dean?"

Dean's eyes swelled as he looked at Thomas. He snickered nervously, "God he looks just like Sammy did when he was little."

Jeni smiled as Dean felt the hand on his shoulder and he turned around. Sam looked down at him, "Hi Dean."

"Sammy. I need you. I need our family back together."


pLease read part three of this story..Bad Moon Rising


Haha. Like dean could take cass. Did you see the way cass beat the shit out of him in season 5?
Victim Victim
Thank you so very much! Me and Jen have talked about this being a three part sequel..so so much more to come :)
AngelBaby76 AngelBaby76
Loving it. Passing this on as requested. Great Chapters!! I finally caught up. Whew, still waiting to see Missie and Dean together.
mamasam67 mamasam67
Huge fan! Please check out my fanfics, an unexpected ally.
Victim Victim
Thank you guys! Please be sure to share if you are loving this!
AngelBaby76 AngelBaby76